Margs Draw Hiking Trail

Looking for a hike that has everything? Look no further than the Arabella backyard. Margs Draw is a beginner’s hike, with scenic views, and a direct walk to Snoopy Rock. This hour and a half walk gives you all the fun without the strain.

This scenic trail starts from the Sombart Lane Trailhead on the north side of the property. In the first ten minutes you hike up and gain good level of elevation which opens to a beautiful vista overlook. Shade is soon left behind and nice red rock views open up as the trail winds its way north across a nearly flat expanse dotted with juniper, pinyon pine and Arizona cypress.

Nearing one mile, the trail forks into two directions. Follow left. Soon, Uptown Sedona, Capitol Butte, Wilson Mountain and Steamboat Rock come into view. At 1.25 miles, the trail curves around the base of Camel Head and there is a good view of that formation and of Snoopy Rock above and to the right. The trail leaves Wilderness. Return by the same route or follow the Schnebly Hill Road back to the hotel passing by the Hillside Sedona. The hike can be extended to the north using Huckaby Trail all the way to the Midgley Bridge.