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Unique Things to Do in Sedona: Guide to Energy Vortexes

Posted by: Arabella Hotel Sedona
17 Mar
Unique Things to Do in Sedona: Guide to Energy Vortexes

Unique Things to Do in Sedona: A Beginner's Guide to Energy Vortexes

Many travel destinations have stunning scenery, vibrant culture, incredible cuisine, and cool outdoor activities - but only Sedona has a collection of powerful vortexes. Even skeptics stand amazed when they see the gnarled, twisted trees around these sites of flowing energy, which dot the Sedona area and envelope the town in positive energy. Ancient Native Americans used the land for sacred ceremonies, and modern New Age pilgrims arrive daily to feel the power. Whether you're a true believer or simply curious, exploring energy vortexes is one of the most unique things to do in Sedona.


What Is an Energy Vortex?

According to believers, vortexes are sites of enhanced electromagnetic energy with healing and spiritual properties. Vortexes are found at the intersections of ley lines, channels of the earth's natural electromagnetic energy. Taking a funnel shape from the whirling, spiraling energy, vortexes are often located near interesting rock formations and twisted trees - both evidence of the powerful energy at work. Many people describe feeling inspired or uplifted around energy vortexes, which are said to facilitate spiritual transformation, physical healing, creative thinking, prayer, and meditation. Others feel their hands tingle or their body temperature rise.


Why Is Sedona a Hotspot for Vortexes?

Sedona is home to four major energy vortexes within a circumference of 22 miles: Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Cathedral Rock. The high density of electromagnetic energy blankets the entire area, and many people report a positive upswing in their energy the moment that they arrive in Sedona. In fact, all of Sedona is considered to be a vortex - but at specific sites, the energy is most intense. You can reach these sites on your own or on a guided tour. You'll often encounter people at the vortexes doing yoga, meditating, or performing New Age rituals. While the red rock countryside is practically covered in vortexes, start your journey with a visit to one of the four main locations where you can truly feel the power.


Sedona's Most Popular Energy Flow: Airport Mesa Vortex

Easily accessible and close to the center of town, Airport Mesa is Sedona's most visited vortex. Its popularity means that there may be crowds, so opt for a sunrise hike if you want a quieter experience. It's a short but steep hike to reach the top, and you're rewarded with stunning views of the countryside. Keep an eye out for twisted trees - there are some great examples along the way. Also watch for colored orbs, which some people report seeing near the vortex.


Directions: From the intersection of Highways 179 and 89A, drive 1.1 miles west on 89A and turn left on Airport Road. The trailhead's parking lot is 0.5 miles on the left.


Feel the Intense Electromagnetic Power: Bell Rock Vortex

One of Sedona's largest and most powerful vortexes, Bell Rock's energy can be felt right from the parking lot. Its profile is easy to spot and looks like a bell melting into the landscape. There are three trails that lead to the top that range from easy to difficult. You'll enjoy stunning views up the trails the entire way.


Directions: From the intersection of Highways 179 and 89A, drive 5 miles south on Highway 179. Watch for the distinct bell-shaped outline plus the well-marked trailhead and parking lot.


Hike Through a Spectacular Canyon Setting: Boynton Canyon Vortex

Embark on a half-mile hike from the trailhead to reach the vortex at Boynton Canyon. It's strongest around a 30-foot-high knoll, although some people report feeling the energy flow from different red rock formations in the canyon. Decide for yourself, and enjoy the peaceful canyon scenery as you explore the area.


Directions: From the intersection of Highways 179 and 89A, drive 3.2 miles west on 89A and turn right on Dry Creek Road. Drive 3 miles to the "T" intersection and turn left, then drive 1.7 miles to another "T" intersection and turn right. The parking area for the trailhead is on the right.


For Serious Hikers & Intrepid Adventurers: Iconic Cathedral Rock Vortex

Cathedral Rock is Sedona's most recognizable landmarks, and the three-mile hike to the top is not for the faint of heart. The hike is short but very steep and dangerous, and it offers mind-blowing views at the top - this is the most scenic trail on the list.


Directions: From the intersection of Highways 179 and 89A, drive 4.3 miles west on 89A and turn left on Upper Red Rock Loop Road. Drive 1.8 miles and turn left on Chavez Ranch Road. Drive 0.8 miles and turn left into Crescent Moon Park. Park as far forward as you can, and walk to the creek toward Cathedral Rock.


Immerse Yourself in Sedona's Energy at Our Adobe-Style Hotel

With gorgeous views of the red rock landscape and a peaceful vibe, our boutique hotel is a relaxing retreat in the heart of Sedona's energy field. It's the perfect place to be present and enjoy the moment. Find two swimming pools, hot tubs, and immediate trailhead access. Come home after your vortex adventures and chill out in one of our comfy rooms and suites. We're located less than a mile to the intersection of Highways 179 and 89A, close to shopping, dining, and art galleries. Are you ready to feel the energy? Follow your journey to Sedona.

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