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Bell Rock

Bell Rock in Arizona.

Hike Through A Vortex At Bell Rock In Sedona, AZ

Journey up arid trails to the summit of this red rock butte, reputed to be one of the largest energy vortexes in the area. Situated just south of Sedona, Bell Rock is easy to recognize; it looks like a bell melting into the landscape. Choose between three trails: the Bell Rock Pathway (easiest), Bell Rock Trail (easy to moderate) and the Courthouse Loop (longer and more difficult). Soak in the powerful positive energy of this brilliant red rock formation and discover gorgeous views of the surrounding desert. While you're looking for lodging check out our rooms page for low rates.
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What Is A Sedona Vortex?
Many people believe that Sedona’s famous vortexes are sacred sites where mystical energy flows into and out of the earth in a spiraling motion. This positive, spiritual energy cannot be measured or proved – only experienced – and many say that the vortexes facilitate prayer, meditation, and healing. There are four main vortexes in Sedona.

Why Are The Rocks Red In Sedona?
Sedona’s signature red rock formations are made of red sandstone with a high content of iron-oxide aka hemetite. These unique cliffs, buttes, and rocks appear to glow bright orange during sunrise and sunset, and they’re a major attraction of the area. Formed by a layer of rock known as the Schnebly Hill Formation, this type of sandstone is only found in the Sedona area.
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