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Drawn by stunning views and positive energy, Sedona has been a powerful lure for many diverse travelers, continually evolving its scene of creativity and recreation. Nestled in an otherworldly landscape between red rocks and blue skies, Sedona will enchant you. Dramatic desert scenery and outdoor adventures exist in perfect harmony with art galleries and mystical sanctuaries. Embrace Sedona's unique vibe on a quest to energy vortexes. Mountain bike and hike over 300 miles of trails and panoramic overlooks, then shop for folk handicrafts and fine artwork. Discover a captivating fusion of nature, culture, and spirituality while you relax and soak up the region's positive vibrations. Sedona is one of those destinations that makes you pause when friends ask, ‘what did you do on vacation?' and all you can think of is ‘what didn't we do?'

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village

Linger in an inviting outdoor market nestled under giant sycamore trees along peaceful Oak Creek. Feel the harmony of nature and creativity as you explore the decorative stone arches, mosaic fountains, 

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Chapel of the Holy Cross in Arizona.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Awaken your senses at this spiritual citadel, which looks like it's built into the red rocks of Sedona. 

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Broad view of Arizona mountain range.

Airport Mesa Overlook

Experience the mystical sensations of one of Sedona's famous vortex sites on a hiking path with spectacular views of red rock country.

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Bell Rock in Arizona.

Bell Rock

Journey up arid trails to the summit of this red rock butte, reputed to be one of the largest energy vortexes in the area. 

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Cathedral Rock in Arizona at sunset.

Cathedral Rock

Conquer this challenging hike and be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views in Arizona. Cathedral Rock is the most recognizable (and photographed) landmark in Sedona

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Pink Jeep Tours jeep on an Arizona off-road trek.

Our Neighborhood

Shop and dine in an open-air market that evokes the authentic spirit of a Mexican village with fountains, archways, and cobblestone streets.

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