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Airport Mesa Overlook

Broad view of Arizona mountain range.

Explore The Energy Vortex At Sedona Airport Mesa Overlook 

Experience the mystical sensations of one of Sedona's famous vortex sites on a hiking path with spectacular views of red rock country. It's an easy climb past twisted trees to the mini-mesa that is believed to be an energy vortex by many. Some people report seeing colorful orbs, feeling vibrations rising from the ground, and getting chills up the back of their necks. What will you experience? Visit the vortex site on the mini-mesa before or after you explore the Airport Mesa Loop Trail. Enjoy eye-popping views of the desert that are especially beautiful around sunset.
Prices - Free
Hours - 24/7

  • Sedona Yoga Festival
  • Red Rocks Music Festival
  • Sedona Hummingbird Festival


  • Desert Hiking
  • Scenic Views
  • Energy Vortex
  • Photography
  • Wildlife
  • Metaphysical Sensations


Where Is The Sedona Airport Vortex?
Easily accessible from town, the Airport Mesa Vortex is one of the most popular vortex sites in Sedona. To get there, travel west from the fork via Highway 89A for 1.1 miles. Turn left on Airport Mesa Road and drive for half a mile. Find the parking lot and trailhead on the left, and follow the trail leading to the “Overlook.” Get to the trailhead early to avoid the crowds.

What Trails Can I Take At Airport Mesa?
There are two trails: the Airport Mesa Overlook Trail and the Airport Loop Trail. The Overlook Trail is a short path that leads to the top of a mini-mesa that is home to one of Sedona’s infamous vortex sites. It connects with the Airport Loop Trail, a much longer trail that encircles the entire upper slope of Airport Mesa. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes or boots for the climb.
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483 Airport Road 86336 Sedona United States (1.90 miles)