Lions, Tigers & Bears in Sedona? Oh, My …

November 20, 2023

On your next vacation, meet an American black bear named Mogie, a black leopard named Silhouette, a Burmese phyton named Melanie, and a two-toed sloth named Bart. No need to travel to Alaska, China, Burma, and Brazil – instead, stay at the Arabella, one of the best resorts near wildlife parks in Sedona, AZ. Surprised? We’re sure, and yet we’d be happy to introduce you to these creatures and many more at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park, just 30 minutes from Sedona.

Raising Awareness One Animal at a Time

Founded by Dean and Prayeri Harrison in 1988, the Out of Africa Wildlife Park is set in the Mingus Mountains of Camp Verde, Arizona, surrounded by 100 acres of rolling hills and valleys. Within this safe and serene setting, the couple has created a sanctuary for hundreds of exotic mammals, birds, and reptiles from all over the world. As you interact with Kanab, the gray wolf, or Nairobi, the sable antelope, you’re not only be awe-inspired by their power and cunning, but gain a better understanding of why we must protect and conserve our world’s wildlife populations.

How to See the Animals 

If you’ve always wanted to head out on a safari, here’s your chance, conveniently close to the Arabella’s upscale accommodations. Set off on an African Bush Safari Tour, included with general admission. Over the course of a half-hour, you’ll listen in as expert guides introduce you to a variety of animals – don’t forget your camera!

Head over to Tiger Splash®, where Bengal and Siberian tigers romp and play in a predator-and-play relationship, with the caretakers nearby offering them colorful toys. Or, take an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour – perfect for the most animal-loving families – for an in-depth three-hour immersion in the aspects of the wildlife park not otherwise experienced.

Don’t miss the chance for an exhilarating Predator Feed, following the animal caretakers as they toss 800 pounds of food to hungry carnivores. Watch the bears, hyenas, lions, and more chow down.

From Diligence, the Grant’s zebra, to Cypress, the grizzly bear, these animal encounters will foster an appreciation for our planet’s wild area and wondrous inhabitants.

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