Wine-ding Your Way Through Sedona, AZ

May 17, 2023

Of the Sedona, AZ resorts, we’ll come out and say it: The Arabella is considered one of the best hotels near Sedona wineries. Surprised? Believe it or not, we’re not just known for our Red Rocks grandeur. The Verde Valley gets abundant sunshine by day and sweater-worthy nighttime cool downs, which combined with rich volcanic soil and good water source, make for a productive grape-growing environment.

So, if you’re an oenophile, base yourself in one of our Red Rocks hotel rooms for easy access to the estate vineyards just outside town, along Oak Creek and the flanks of House Mountain, and the tasting rooms in town. This is the ideal place to explore your tastes, as Sedona wineries are all intimate and inviting. Take the time to chat with the vintners, who are happy to tell you all about their passion for winemaking.

We can set you up with a driving company for a vineyard tour in a limo or jeep, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a kayaking wine tour! Try out the various tasting rooms, and when you’re back in town, be sure to scour local restaurant menus and shops for the ones you liked best.

To make the most of your wine-tasting experience in Sedona, ask about our Sip and Gaze Special. We’ll include a complimentary bottle of wine and set you up for a stargazing experience with Astronomer Dennis Young, right on property. Sedona is a Dedicated Dark Sky and allows you to see seldom-seen galaxies!

Now, on to those tastings. Whet your wine appetite with these suggestions!


Winery 1912

We love stopping by Winery 1912’s tasting room in uptown Sedona. They serve Spanish varietals grown exclusively in Willcox at the Dragoon Mountain Vineyard. From a garnacha blanca to a sonroja rose, the whites are crisp and refreshing. The reds range from a delightful sangiovese blend to a full-bodied tempranillo. Willcox produces approximately 70 percent of Arizona’s grapes and is one of the state’s largest vineyards.


D.A. Ranch Lodge & Estate Vineyards

We love the comfortable, make-yourself-at-home ambiance of D.A. Ranch. There are three separate bars from which you can order your glass of wine to enjoy in the living room or on the wraparound porch. There’s typically great music playing, setting a chill vibe while you test out the various Syrah, cabernet sauvignon, petite Syrah, tannats and Seyval blancs.


Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery Arizona

Known as the largest wine-tasting bar in northern Arizona, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Javelina Leap’s saloon-style bar in the tasting room. You’ll typically get to meet a wine maker who will stop in to chat and sign your bottle of wine, if you like (a great keepsake!). The 10.25-acre estate sits on the steep slopes of an extinct volcano, overlooking the lush Oak Creek greenbelt. Sample all your favorites, from their highly awarded Legacy Zinfandel to Merlot and Barbera, harvested from their exclusive Hassayampa vineyard outside Prescott.


Back at The Arabella, keep an eye on our events calendar, as we often host local wine tastings on our own beautiful grounds. We can’t wait to hear what you think of Sedona-area wines!